Why is my cat sad?

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Sometimes, most of us are sad. We don’t know why, but we are sad. It happens, don’t worry. How is your cat? Is it happy? No? WHAT?! Is it a sad cat? Watch out for you life!

Why is my cat sad?

Why is my cat sad?

Read quick this article, because we’ll list all the possible reasons we can think of for your cat’s sadness. The real reason should be in this list, but if it’s not, then…sorry. So, without other words, let’s start the list. Watch behind your back while you read it, because you may be scratched. ( just kidding) Sometimes, the smallest things matter for the feline you own. Things like the absense of a toy or a cat tree, for example.

1. When was the last time you cuddled your cat?

You may not like cuddling, but this does not mean that your cat is the same. Sure, after some time, animals tend to have the same behaviour as their owners, but not all the time. So, just keep this in mind: cats likes to be cuddled. It doesn’t matter that you had a rough day. Your cat will wait for you with its big eyes which say: “Cuddle me!”. And you’ll have to do as it wants.

2.  Does your cat have enough toys?

You may think that your cat is mature enough to stop playing with toys. Guess what: it’s not. No matter its age, a cat will always want to play with someone. It doesn’t have to be something too pricey. A plush toy will do it. And those are usually cheap.

3. Where is your cat’s house?

You may think this is a silly question. And the answer which popped up into your mind the moment after you read the question was “My cat’s house is my house,d’oh!”. Well, things are complex. Yes, your cat live in the same house as you, but it still needs its spot. Its place, where it can spend its time everytime it wants. Think about it, you have your own room, so why wouldn’t you cat have one? Wait, don’t get us wrong! You don’t need to build a room just for your cat. Lol, no. But…try making something in the corner of the room. Something that it will know it’s its place. A cat tree will do it!

4. Did you spend enough time with it in the past few days?

Playing with your cat is a crucial part of its existence. When its with you, it is the happiest cat in the world. If it were to choose who to spend its time with, you will be the number one choice. Why? Because you are the best of the best? Essentially, yes. But that’s not always the case. You are the only living body it sees through the day. You give it food. So, naturally, it will spend time with you. But, sometimes, when you don’t have time, you neglect it. You don’t even tell it you are home. And this is not good. She won’t forgive you this easily, you know? So, if you know you haven’t done it lately, please go and play with your cat!

5. Did it have good food throughout the day?

Because we live in the century of speed, we tend to forget things. Did you leave food for your cat this morning? NO? Then this is the reason why your cat is sad. Get it some good pet food.

To sum up, your cat is not happy, because you havenb’t cuddled nor played with it, it doesn’t have toys, a cat tree or food. Basically, those are all the reasons why your cat is sad. So? Are we right? Tell us in the comments below!


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