The best cat tree for heavy cats

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We all like to eat. A lot. You know the saying “Food is love. Food is life.”, right? And going by this, we don’t have to be so shocked when we see that we get some extra weight we don’t want. And then, we don’t have to go hard on our cats if they happen to get a little more fluffy than usual. We have to help them overcome this. We don’t have to make them feel akward. But, if you want your sofa to stay safe, then you should get a cat tree for heavy cats for your pet.

A cat tree for heavy cats is not a shame

When we get some weight, what do we do? Well, we try to adapt to our new shopping needs, so that we can continue our life. We buy larger clothes, looser trousers and so on. You got the point. But what happens when our beloved pet is in this situation? Yup, we buy it things to keep them happy. Bigger toys but not more food. We may believe a fat cat is funny, but we have to think about its health. That’s why you should buy a little less food than usual, if you want your cat to lose weight.

Another thing which you should consider buying is another cat tree. Because, probably, the one you had is not good anymore, given the new dimensions of the feline. And before you start questioning yourself, the answer is yes. There are special cat trees for your cat’s dimensions. A cat tree for heavy cats is no big deal. So get over those stereotypes and start looking for one. Oh, wait! If you came across our site, you don’t really have to go search in other places.

The best cat tree for heavy cats – how to choose it?

There are a few factors you should take into consideration when buying this type of cat tree:

  • dimensions
  • stability
  • add-ons
  • durability
  • sturdiness
  • looks


Because we are speaking of a cat tree for heavy cats, dimensions play a very big part in the selection of the product. You can’t just buy a small cat tree. You need to go big, just like your cat! For example the 90 x 60 x 156cm ar perfect for any kind of large cat. Start searching for products with those or wait until later in the article, because we will have some recommendations of products and some of them, if not all of them, will have those dimensions.


Imagine this scenario: your cat is in a happy mode and it just want to climb the cat tree and start playing. But, when it puts its feet on the surface of the pet furniture, boom, it breaks and your can is left with some injuries on its body and a lot of sadness in its soul. It wouldn’t be nice, right? Yeah, we thought so. This is the reason why we advise you to be VERY ATTENTIVE when it comes to the stability of the cat tree. There are no excuses. If you see that not everything goes well together and that some of the pieces seems like a chinese ripoff off what an original would be like, don’t continue. Put everything back in the box and send it back! You can’t joke with things like these.


When we reffer to some cat tree’s add-ons we basically talk about a playing platform and a scratching post. The first one, the playing platform is essentially just another platform on the cat tree for heavy cats with a a mouse toy. Or something else to keep your cat occupied. You got the point. The second add-ons you should look for is the scratching post. We all know that cats use a lot their claws. And, because of that, those weapons need to be sharpen periodically. If you don’t want to spend some extra bucks, so that the cat furniture you’re about to buy to contain those, then fine, it is yout choice. But please, don’t come back to us when you will find your sofa scratched.

4. Durability

We can hear the roars of some people reading this part and asking “But isn’t stability and durability basically the same thing?”. Well, no, they are not the same. Stability is when a thing can sustain a certain amount of weight. But, durability reffers to the number of times that thing is capable of sustaining the certain amount of weight.

5. Sturdiness

We believe that cat trees for large cats having sturdiness is a must. Because your cat may be big, but this does not mean that it can’t be jolly enough to jump and sit on the cat tree several times a day. And because of its weight, those action can make the pet furniture fail over time. This, if it is not sturdy enough. So, another very important factor you have to take into consideration when buying a new place for your cat.

6. Looks

While all the other 5 factors were listed here mainly for your cat, this one is for you. Yeah, we know that cats have tastes too, but ultimately, you are the one who will buy the cat tree for it. So, naturally, you have to like it. The looks of a good cat tree are important for the overall appearance of the room you will put it in. The colors need to resemble at least a bit the theme you already have. By the way, if the subject is interesting enough for you, we have to tell you that we wrote a complete Cat Tree For Large Cats Buying Guide you should check.

Now that we aknowledged those, let’s see how we can practically apply them when we decide to make the order. We will list below what are in our opinion the best cat trees for large cats.

46″ New 4 Level Cat Condo for large cats and multiple cat households

cat tree for large cats

cat tree for large cats

The first choice we would make if we were to be looking for a new cat tree is this one above. The main advantage of buying it is the facts that it comes assembled. So, you won’t lose any time assembling it. No headaches. Your cat will use it right out of the box! Then, let’s look at the material used: plush household grade carpet, unoiled sisal rope and solid wood. Wow, those are very good, because will provide stability, durability and sturdiness for a long time. The colours used by the manufacturers are good enough for almost any room ,regardless of its chromatic theme. So, no problems here. What do you think? If you decide this is the right choice, then good news for you: you can now buy it at an amazing price.

New Cat Condos Solid Wood 4 Level Large Cat Tree Tower

sturdy cat tree

sturdy cat tree


We continue the list of cat trees for large cats with another piece of cat furniture which is already assembled, so that you fluffy friend will enjoy it right away after the purchase.

The dimensions of 20″w x 20″d x 46″h are pretty great when we talk about large cats. So, another plus. Then, the materials are ideal, being the exact same ones as the ones of the cat tree above. So, until now, it is a thing of tastes. If you like this one more than the first one, then use the button below to get it at an amazing price.


CUPETS Cat Tree Cat Climber with Scratching Post, Activity Tree Pet Products for Cats and Kittens Beige

steady cat tree

steady cat tree

The third cat tree we advise you to buy is another one from the big online retailer called Amazon. And guess what? Its price dropped as much as almost 50%! We don’t know when you are reading this article. But, right now, at the moment of writing, this amazing price cut makes it a more than good choice. But, beside the unbeatable price, let’s see what other advantages comes with it.

Nope, unfortunately, this one does not come already assembled. But, good news! It won’t take longer than 15 minutes to get it standing. The manufacturer also assured that the client will get a cat tree which is stable enough for steady cats to jump on it numerous times. So, a big yes. As you can see in the picture above, this steady pet furniture is better, because it provides various functions. First of all, it is a place in which your cat can jump, sit and relax for the whole day. But, besides this, your cat can sharpen their claws, but also play with the toy. And, on top of that, if you place it near a window, it can also be used as a perch to look out the window. So, multile functionalities in a single product. As a conclusion for this particular cat tree for heavy cats: it is a best buy, especially now, that it gets a big price drop of almost 50% on Amazon. So, if you decide to buy it, then don’t lose time and use the button below.

New Cat Condos Solid Wood 5 Level Cat Tree Tower, Beige, Large

cat tree for large cats

cat tree for large cats

This is the fourth example of a good cat tree for your fluffy friend, right? This one is a little bit special. Basically, it enters the deluxe field. It is a little more expensive than the ones mentioned above, but with quality comes some additional costs.

An avantage is the fact that it is already fully assembled. The qualitative materials used, such as plush household grade carpet and also solid wood promise to keep it standing for a long time.

As you see from the picture, this is a tall cat tree. There are no more than 5 platforms for your cat to explore. So, there are plenty of opportunities for your fluffy friend to spend its spare time ( basically all its time ) jumping from one to another. And when it will want something badly, it will make sure to jump on the tallest platform to meow and warn you that something is unpleasant.

We are fans of the colour of this cat tree for heavy cats. The beige is almost a neutral colour, so it doesn’t require certain co-colours to work fine and don’t be bad for the eye.

So, all in one, this one seems like a solid choice, based on our experience as cat owners. Yeah, the price is a little bit high, but ultimately, it is worth it. So, weight your priorities and if you believe that your cat deserves this pleasure, then we invite you to click on the button below to be redirected to where to get it at a good price.

Phew, this will be a long . But, it does not matter, as long as it is helpful for people like you. So, let’s get back to the list of cat trees for large cats and see if something seems appealing enough for you to buy. After all, your cat needs what’s best, right?

Extra Large Cat Tower 75 inch Brown Kitty Tree No Carpet with Green Leaves

Wow, wow, wow! This one stands out from all the others. You know what they say: “Trust your instincts.” And your fluffy friends will surely do this if you buy it this particular large cat tree. Why? Well, you can easily see the reason in the picture below.

cat tree for heavy cats

cat tree for heavy cats


There are leaves on it! You may think that they are pretty random or unappropiate for a pet furniture designed for a cat, but in reality, they are not. Just think about it for a second. Even if our beloved cats are pets, animals which basically live their lives with us, humans in the confort of out houses, they still trust they instinct, just like a wild animal. That’s why sometimes, it is good for your cat to remember that at its core, it is an animal with fangs ans claws. And this particular cat tree for heavy cats is sure to do this for your fluffy friend. If you want to buy it right away, because you find it perfect for your cat, then simply click on the button below and you will be redirected to the website you can buy it from. If you are not so sure, then keep reading about the advantages it provides.

Now let’s get into some technical details you sure want to know before deciding to buy it.

Advantages of this cat tree for heavy cats

It is 75 inches tall, so enough for any cat or kitty.

It is covered in soft plush

It’s very easy to clean it. And we have to add that this sells it, besides the leaves. It’s a pro point, because you know how it is. We love our cats, but we don’t really like their…brown thingies. Sometimes, they mess up the entire pet furniture and the smell…Ok, we’ll stop talking about this. We just wanted you to get the point. We all want things that are easy to clean. And the cat tree for our cats is no different.

There is more than one scratch post, so your furniture will be safe, if you get your cat this cat tree for heavy cats.

There are easy to understand, step by step instructions, which will make you enjoy assembling it. Or not. But, at least, you will know how to do it by yourself. Let’s not forget about the fact that you also get all the necessary tools, so all you need to assemble it is enough time.

Phew, we did it! We arrived at what is the end of this article entitled “The best cat tree for heavy cats”. It is a long one. We wanted to write a powerful article, which will become a real help for every cat owner out there who wants a sturdy, affordable and good looking cat trees for large cats. And we hope we managed to do this. If not, then at least we hope you got some ideas about what you should look for in your search for the best furniture on the market for your beloved fluffy friend.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact us on the Facebook page.



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