Modern Cat Tree Designs For Your Beautiful House Interior

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We can divide our environment into two aspects: vertical and horizontal. The creatures living in the environment, both animals and human beings tend to have their own personal favorites. Human beings are comfortable in the horizontal environment, living their life with ease. We are not that confortable in the vertical one. But animals (especially cats) prefer to jump between the horizontal and the vertical aspect of the environment. One second they are walking on their feet and then, boom, they try to climb something out of boredom. As you may or may not know, there are 70 breeds of cats. Each of them is somehow the same, but different from the others in a few specifications and features. One thing is for sure: every cat wants a modern cat tree just for it. Just like every human wants a house. A place where nobody else, but them is the boss.

modern cat tree

modern cat tree

Cats have sharp retractable claws, quick reflexes, teeth to kill small preys and strong flexible body which loves to hop and jump all the time. All pet owners, opps, cat owners make all the possible efforts to let the creatures adapt well in their homes. That’s where the demand for a modern cat tree comes into existence. Because it provides pretty much all the things your pet cat needs: a place to sleep, a place to train theri claws and a place to play, when the owners don’t have time  for this activity.

What is a cat tree and why shall we use it?

A cat tree, as you might have already designed in your imagination, is basically furniture designed specifically for your cats. It is a cat house within your house. A special place made for your cats to feel confortable enough. Now let’s read more about this piece of furniture. Let’s see the details mentioned below:

  • It is wooden furniture designed with textures to give it a realistic look.
  • This wooden cat tree furniture also has branches, where each branch is made to be a piece of amenity for the cat. This basically contains a small house box or an attachment in the shape of a utensil where the cat can go and feed himself.
  • A wooden cat tree provides house cats an option to feel homely. It looks to them as if they are living in their own habitat, and that’s what brings ultimate satisfaction to the cats. And if your cat is satisfied, you will also be satisfied and everybody will be happy.

Now, do we really need a modern cat tree at home? Or can we still do well without them?

Of course, we can do well even without them, but we can do better for sure with this type of furniture.Let’s take an example: Do you really need a car? Or you can simply live peacefully by riding a bicycle to work? Well, yes, you can simply buy this means of transport with two wheels and be happy, but you would be a lot more happy and productive by owning a car. This way, you’ll get to work faster and you won’t start your working day tired because of the effort. The same thing applies to cats. Do they really need a cat tree or can they just use your sofa to relax? Well, they can do both, but it will surely be better for them to have their spot.

The cat trees are designed specifically to let the cat owners create a wild habitat for their cats and kittens. This creation is not actually wild, but something that fits beautifully well with the house interior. We’ll explain below why you need a modern cat tree. There are a lot of advantages.

  • Your cat will be satisfied and it will grow well. Nobody wants a sad cat, right? A pet is usually good to cheer us up and if it can itself be happy, then it cannot spread happiness for us. It’s pretty logical, isn’t it?
  • It lets your car stay healthy and active. There are cats which become too lazy to jump and play, and that’s mainly because of the habits imbibed in them. With a cat tree, you are definitely giving them a reason to be more active and playful, even indoors. This way, your cat will not gain extra weight. Let’s be honest: nobody likes extra weight. And nor does your cat. But, if unfortunately your cat gains the weight, don’t feel sorry. There’s always something you can do. There are cats trees designed specifically for large cats. If your feline is this way, then you should probably read the Cat Tree For Large Cats Buying Guide we provide.
  • A cat tree is surely a creative way to pamper your cat, and you are surely going to get a lot of “Purr, purr” compliments for that. We all like to get compliments at least once a day. Now, imagine how many “Purr, purr” compliments you will get daily from your cat, if you buy it a modern cat tree.
  • There are cat trees with hammock too available in the market, and who doesn’t love to relax in a hammock. Thus, bring it at home so that you don’t find your car lying on your hammock when you need it desperately.
  • This cat tree is basically a cat bed, which will make your cat to relax a lot more. We all know that cats basically sleep almost all their life, so the bed is crucial for their existence. If you want to know exactly how much a cat sleeps per day, we can tell you that 12-16 hours, which is a lot. There are a lot of reasons why cats sleep so much.
  • Your cat will have an increased territory and it will become happier. Well, in the urge to increase the territory for your cat you definitely need to not provide to him your space, as this form is vertical, and thus requires too little a space in your interior.
  • Your cat won’t kill you at night. See below how a cat without a modern cat tree looks like. It’s pretty scary, right? Now imagine your cat. When you come home from work and instead of seeing a happy cat to cheer you up, you see your feline taking the expression seen below. Wouldn’t this be awful?
A Cat without a modern cat tree

A Cat without a modern cat tree

This probably is the best way to pet your cats. You are creating for them an atmosphere which they love. You make them feel that you care about them. And this love will come multiplied from your cats. Because a cat will know if you are a worthy owner or not. And if it sees that you are not worthy enough, it will simply ignore you, privating you from the love it can offer.

Do I really need a cat tree or should I just buy the first one available?

It depends. If you just want to get the job done and provide a good place of relaxing for your cat, then just buy a normal one. The disadvantage would be that it won’t fit with the rest of your house. And we believe you don’t want to destroy the zen of an entire room just because you didn’ want to buy the best modern cat tree.

Just imagine: you just bought a new cat tree for your kitten and you think that you solved this problem. You put it in the corner of a room and wait. In just a second, you will see that it was not the best idea. Why? Because it doesn’t fit! It’s rudimental, it’s not what you need. Not even your cat will like it! This is even worse!

Let’s take the same example, but exchanging the piece of furniture. Instead of a simple cat tree, you buy a modern cat tree. You put it in the corner of the rom and you wait. Now, that’s the perfect piece of the puzzle! Your cat will love you.

The Preferable Varieties!

To all your queries on a cat tree, the answers shall be enough with the advisable modern cat trees mentioned below. Have a look to prefer the best product designed to serve you:

Vesper Cat Furniture

Vesper built it to be the best. The firm wanted every single aspect of their product to be top notch. You should specifically buy it if you are looking out for an option that doesn’t acquire much space in your home. At the same time, it fulfills the purpose involved. The Vesper Cat Furniture adds ellegance and the design is too selected were no complications are imbibed in the designed and it is kept too restricted plus simple. Let’s understand the design in detail with the product specifications mentioned below:

  • It is the most practical design in the cat tree furniture field. Because there are not too many complications in the design. It is simple yet easily usable. There is no need for fancy things. All you need is something which has a good usability for your feline.
  • Cats, as we all know, are too messy and they love to climb from one end to the other. You know, it is a natural instinct for cats, kitten, citties and felines basically to  This furniture design though, on one hand, satisfies the daily requirement of the cat, and at the same time doesn’t lets your home look messy. It will be a really fun place to go up and down on all day long.
  • It comes with soft memory foam cushions which will provide the necessary comfort and convenience to the cats, when they want to take a nap
  • Your cat will see it as a nice spot to spend its time actively involved in different playful actions. It also is the most comfortable place for resting their beautiful bodies.
  • Its measures are 21.9x 22.1 inches in base, and 32.1 inches in height

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

This is the real exhibition of modern cat tree if we go by the name. The classic and classy design definitely gives it a contemporary style. This, together with the asymmetrical cuts and curves in the overall look make it a must have. It looks like a flower with wooden crafting, and no doubt your cat’s surely going to love this piece.

Advantages of The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

  • All parts in this contemporary cat tree design are replaceable and you can change it if you feel there’s a need for doing so. This is amazing, because you will be able to change it based on your preferrences, without spending a lot of time.
  • Several cats can accomodate, thanks to the large platforms. People with more than one cat will surely find this useful. There will be no need to buy more than one cat tree and this will save your budget.
  • The refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower has shelves. The shelves allow cats to comfortably climb up and come down. And we all know that cats love doing this. We personally have cats and we know just how randomly they decide that it is the right time for some climbing sessions.
  • Speaking of the sisal pad used in the design, it allows cats to have a perfect scratching platform. And which cat doesn’t need something like this? Just like humans, who polish their nails, cats scratch to keep their claws ready to attack.
  • The design is 69 inches tall, 20 inches wide and 20 inches deep. So, those dimensions are pretty normal and will keep your cat safe and will provide a perfect environment for training and relaxing.

These are the top 2 models of modern cat tree designs that you definitely should take into consideration before making the final purchase. Tell us below what model did you choose. We hope everything we wrote in this article helped you at least 10%. If you bought a model from the ones mentioned above, we would love to see your cats in them.

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