How To Build a Cat Tree

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A cat needs a lot of things to feel good. It needs good food and a loyal owner. But more importantly, it needs a personal place. And because we strongly believe that you will not want your sofa to become its intimate place, we have a solution: build it a cat tree. Yeah, you may think right now “Why? It’s easier to buy a cat tree, rather than building it!” and you are 100% right. But, if you have some spare time and you really care about your cat, you should build one by hand. Ready? Have you decided that you will do this? Good. Then read this article about how to build a cat tree and then start working. Your cat awaits its new place to sit and relax!



Why should I build a cat tree for my cat?

Well, it will help bulding your pride. Haha, no. We are joking. The main reason you should build a cat tree for your cat is that you will be able to customize it. Every cat is different from one another and you should know that, as a cat owner.

You should take into consideration that this cat tree will occupy a spot in one of you house’s rooms. That’s why it has to be based on your aesthetic preferences. You don’t want it to be like a pain in the…for the room itself, right?

After your own preferences, you should also consider your cat’s needs. Maybe it doesn’t want a too tall cat tree. Or maybe it doesn’t like a certain colour. That’s why you should learn how to build a cat tree: to have the perfect piece of furniture for both you and your cat.

Building a cat tree – Step 1

Probably right now on your mind the thought of going to the store and buy all the things is pretty big. But you should avoid it. The first thing you have to do is to decide where you will place the cat tree. You have to see what dimensions it needs to have, so that it won’t take too much space. The only thing which needs to be big is your wish to learn how to build a cat tree.

But, at the same time, keep in mind that you should make it good for the size of your cat. So, it has to be good for both you and your cat. Go to every room and see if there is a free spot, where a thing like that would be good. Please keep in mind what is your cat’s personality, because based on that, you will get what you need to build a cat tree. Let’s take some examples, should we?

Let’s say that your cat is very active and cannot stand still. Congratz, a cat like that is good to have, because it can cheer you up when you get back from work. But, getting back to the point, if your cat is just like that, then a taller cat tree would be ideal for it, because it will surely be eager to jump on and off it several times per day.

But, let’s say that your fluffy friend is nothing like that. It is lazy or let’s say…selective with what activities it wants to do in a day. So, getting it a tall cat tree is out of the question. What it would need is a quiet place for it to sit and sleep. So, keep this in mind when you decide how to build a cat tree for your pet.

Learn how to build a cat tree – Step 2

Take a sit and think if you are good at building things or not. Don’t be shy, because we won’t know what you will answer to yourself. You need to be sincere, because, let’s be onest. If you are unexperienced, let’s say you may manage to build a cat tree, but what are the chances of it falling when it shouldn’t? Basically, you will put your cat’s life in danger, if you know you are unexperienced, but you still decide to do it all by yourself.

So, sit back a little bit and ask yourself: “Do I really need to do it by myself?” “Is my pride bigger than my affection for my beloved cat?”. And if the answer to at least one of those questions is negative, then we congratulate you. And we advise you to go by those answers ans seek some help. Because your cat’s life is much more important than some pride, right?

Don’t worry. If you aren’t that good at building things, it does not matter that you should not build a pet furniture for your friend which walks on four legs. It just means that you should keep it simple. It will be better this way, both for you and for your cat.

Let’s make a new sleeping spot for the cat – Step 3

Internet is your friend. Yes, this is true and you know it. If you only have the wish to do this for your cat, but in reality you don’t even know where to start from, we feel you. But, again, you do not have to be that hard on yourself. You should just use the search engines. There are lots of websites where you will find a step by step list on how to build a cat tree, if this one is not good enough for you.

You can find  several guides revolving around this subject, so take some time and read. There are cat guides for basically everything. There are guides on how to choose your cat, guides on what to do to keep your cat as happy as it should be and buying guides for cat trees for large cats.

What materials to use to build the best cat tree

There is no secret that you will need a variety of good materials to build a lasting relaxing spot for your fluffy friends. In the next part of the article, we will try to see which are the importants tools. Try to decide which type of platform you will use. You can use cardboard, but it depends on the size of your cat. Pcv also represents a good choise. If none of this sound good to you, then check some dimensional lumber. Now, which one will you choose?

  1. The drill. There is a very high chance that you will be in need of one, so make sure you put it down before you begin, together with some wood screws.
  2. An adhesive is a must so be sure to have it. A suitable one would be the wood glue, but there are also others who will do the work just fine.
  3.  A table saw would be good
  4. The old hammer and nails combo will be amazing, if used properly.
  5.  An electric stapler will be an additional tool which you should use.

Now, let get to the plan. Let’s see exactly what steps you need to go through to have the best cat tree at the end of the day. Take some popcorn, because it may be a long read. Are you ready for it? Then let’s get started, pet owners!

1. You need to cut it all

Wait, wait. We didn’t mean to cut everything in the room. Nope, not at all. So, we hope you didn’t just did this. If you did it, then we don’t know how to apologize…You will probably close this article and you wil start thinking about how to tell your parents or your wife or husband that you cut every single piece of furniture you had in the room. Using the hand saw, you will need to resize the dimensional lumber or whichever type of platform you chose to work with. Look at your cat and understand its needs. If you know that it likes to waddle around, then do not cut that much off the materials. But, if your cat is more of a static being, then it would be better to cut a larger portion.

2. The base(ics) when you learn how to build a cat tree

The foundation is basically the most important thing. Tell this to everybody who wants to learn how to build a cat tree. If your base is not strong enough, then your cat will not be safe. And we assume you do not want anything bad to happen to your whiskers owner. Now, let’s give you a tip. If you wantg to be sure that the base is sturdy, then a good idea would b to take two plywoods. Put one on top of the other. Basically, glue them together. Take something to clean yourself up after you finish, because we all know that those “glue accidents”

If your fluffy friend is not that selective with the places it chooses to spend its precious time, then the base sholdn’t be too big. Somewhere around 60cm would do the job just fine. But keep in mind that this is good, if you don’t plan on making something extravagant. Or something taller thsn usual. Because, yes…it’s simple physics. If it is taller, it needs a bigger base.

3. Cover it!

After those two steps, take a little break. Then, come back and start putting some carpet on what you need. Cover the surface with carpet before you do anything else.

4. Attach to the base the vertical supports

This can be done in different ways with different toold. This is the time of the screws, bolts or nails. If you do not like any of these, you can also try some wood glue.

5. The horizontal perches + supports = love

Yup, you read that well. We did not know a better way to tell you this thing which you need to do next. Basically, you need to attack the perches ( which are horizontal ) to the supports. And that’s it.

This is how you build a cat tree. Well, this is the general process. But, after you finisdh it, you are able toadd as many additional things as possible. It is your cat tree, after all. Well…not really, but unfortunately for some of us, cats cannot talk, so you will not be able to tell the preferrences of your fluffy friend 1 by 1. You will probably guess 1 or 2 things it likes about it, but that is it.

Now…let’s say that you have finished this piece of work. It is a quiet night and you are really proud of yourself. You built something, after all. You were productive. So you go to take a snack, drink some juice or some beer, depending on your age. And then you sit on your comfy couch, waiting for the price or for pricess to arrive and see. And then, out of nowhere, you hear a long “Meow!”. This makes you uncderstand that the moment of truth has come. The moment you’ve been waiting for or the moment you’ve been avoiding regarding the cat tree is here. And you cannot do anything else about it. In case some of you did not understand all those, we are talking about the moment in which your cat arrives in the same room with you.

It sees you and come at you, rubbing its head against your leg. It stays some seconds then it looks into your eyes and sees that you have something for it. You then look into the direction of the newly built cat tree, waiting for your price or for your princess to do the exactsame thing. And it does it. From now on, there are two possible scenarios:

  1. The good scenario

This is the best thing that can happen. Basically, if your cat likes your piece of work, it will go at it, it will probably smell it for a few seconds. Then, it will start using it. It will jump on it, it will relax on it and probably in the next few seconds it will even feel asleep on it. If this is the scenario which will happen to you, then all your dreams will come true.

You will be the best pet owner ever and your hardwill pound harder than ever before. You will feel butterflies in your stomach and your pride will reach for the roof. Then, you will finish the juice or the beer with a smirk on your face. And then you will have the best sleep ever.

Now, stay a little bit and imagine all those. It will be good if this happens, but let’s not forget that when you learn how to build a cat tree, there are always two possible scenarios. And while the first one, which is the good one  is the one you want to happen, there are always some chances that the second will actually be the one which will become reality. Let’s see…

2. The bad scenario

Your cat sees that you are looking at something in the other part of the room and it startsthinking what it could be.  Some new toys? Some food? And when it will understand that you will not get your eyes away from that spot until it will look in the same direction, it will start thinking that something smells fishy. It will get the air entering through its nostrils up to the brain, where this idea will pop up: “Do I really need to get thourgh all these?”. Then, the air will go back into the room in the form of a “sigh”, which you will probaby not notice.

After this, the moment will come and it will turn back. The eyes will become big. The whiskers will start moving. And the head will start going to the left and to the right. Yeah, your cat will basically start searching for a way to get out of this. Why? Because it doesn’t like any of the work you’ve spend your entire day to do for it. Sometimes, cat can be cruel. So, instead of the part with the head, your can can always do something else. It can go near the cat tree and simply pee on it.

This way, it will give away all the tension, but it will make you become nervous. And sad. Because nothing is more unfortunate than someone working for someone else, without any results. And without any recognition from the person this was made for. Yeah, yeah, we know that right now, we are not talking about a real person, but the process will still be the same. And you will feel the same, because you love your cat. And you will be proud that you learned how to build a cat tree for it.

 how to build a cat tree

how to build a cat tree

Advantages and disadvantages of learning how to build a cat tree

Because we do not want to be subjective, we will even tell you some advantages and disadvantages of this cat tree project. This sounds good…”The cat tree project”, haha, what a nice name. Ok, we will stop with the self-praising right now. So, you need to know that there are certainly a series of advantages and a series of disadvantages. We will try to list them all below:

Advantages of making your own cat tree for your fluffy friend

If you are that type of person who likes to do everything in a personal way, then you should really learn how to build a cat tree. You will probably not be satisfied with anything you will find online in terms of cat furniture. And why should you become nervous? Take some spare time instead and use it to do something useful for you and for your friend.

You will be satisfied that you helped it. And you wuld probably learn something new in the perocess. And a new skill is always welcomed, isn’t that right? So, yeah, we know it takes time to build this type of furniture. But, in the end, you will see that it is worth the effort to learn how to build a cat tree. Yup, it really is, so shut up.

Disadvantages of making your own cat tree for your feline

NO.TIME. Yup, basically, this is it. We live in this century of speed and we all know how hard it is to find time. Sometimes, we do not even find the time to relax. We do not find an hour or so to watch an episode from our favourite TV show. Or we ar not able to sit back and relax with a beer and some chips. Yes, there are lots of moments like these. The jobs we have are 99% hard and we need to put some effort. This is why, when we get home, all we want is to see the bed. And to jump there. The last thing we would want to do is to get the skills working. And to start just like that to build something seems just like it will not happen, not at all.

So, knowing all these, if someone would come to you, asking: “Do you have time to build your cat a cat tree?” the quick answer would be no. And do not say that weekends are the right time for these activities. You will not be in the mood for it. We need to be honest. But, do not worry. You are not different. There are lots of persons who do not find the time or the skills to build a cat tree for their fluffy friends. And if you are smart enough, you can easily find some cheap cat trees to choose from. There are plenty of cat trees under $100. If you do not plan on making your little cat a surprise by building a cat tree, then search those. If you are lucky, you will find a cheap cat tree for sure.

But, this does not mean that you lose your precious time reading this article. And this is the reason why we propose something. Go there and bookmark this article. And when you will find the time, use all the advices.By the way, if you are more of a picture person, then we got you. There is this website, where you will see a lot more pictures about how to build a cat tree. They have a picture at every single step. But, let’s get back to this article. We are about to conclude it.

The conclusion is here!

Ok, so, this is it. After some long hours of hard work, we managed to finish this article. And now, all we hope is that some of you will find it useful. If this happens, it will be a sign for us that we did not lose the time used to write it. we truly believe that now, after you read it, you learned how to build a cat tree.If you do have some comments to make, feel free to use the comments section. By the way, if you feel like you can add something to what we told you in this article, we will be glad to read it, so do not be shy. Use the comments section below. Until next time, see ya! We hope you made the purrfect decision.

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