Cat Tree for Large Cats: Buying Guide And Things To Consider

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While most of us might assume that having a cat tree is not a necessity, things are quite contrary! Unlike ours, the cat’s life and living environment are not restricted to a horizontal territory. They enjoy both the vertical and the horizontal territories of an environment, more vertical to be precise. Thus, providing vertical territories in the form of tree cats to your furry pet in their environment is not a luxury but a crucial part of a cat’s life. Every cat usually likes to go up and down. But before you go out there to find a perfect cat tree for large cats, read this article. We will help you with some factors to consider before the purchase.

cat tree for large cats

cat tree for large cats

Factors to consider when buying a cat tree for large cats

Whether you have a small cat or a large one, you should take the following factors into consideration when you decide to buy a cat tree for it:


Safety becomes one’s top priority when dealing with pets so the best cat tree is one that is safe, sturdy, strong and stable. Phew, there are a lot of s letters there. But we believe this is an easy way to remember. Does it provide the 4 S? Then it’s a good cat tree for you and your pet.

Make sure that the wood used to cut out and design the piece is the best in quality and not wet or old. All the different parts should be strongly bolted and secured and the resultant piece should be durable. This way, notot even the most active cats won’t affect it.


To ensure safety, you will have to ensure the stability of the piece. Since the cat trees are horizontal, there are chances of them tipping over with the weight of your feline. If you are particularly looking for a cat tree for large cats, stability should be highly prioritized. A cat will always want a stable place for napping all day long. In case the cat tree cannot take the weight of a large cat, it can fall. This can break the surrounding furniture as well. Better spend some extra bucks for something which looks stable. You don’t want to regret after the purchase, do you? That’s why you should pay attention to the stable and sturdy cat trees, when you search for a new spot for your feline.


Since the basic aim of a cat tree is to provide activity to the pet, make sure its height is not a deterrent for your pet cat to climb. We know that you want your cat to be more active, to lose some weight, but this doesn’t mean that you should want it to try several times to climb the cat tree. Why? Well, this way, it won’t be more active. It will try a few times, it will see that it can’t climb it and so, it will leave. We believe not even the most patient cats will be able to get over this. So, pay attention to this little detail, which is fundamental.

Do not forget to ask the seller if the piece is perfect for a declawed cat or not. Actually, don’t forget to ask questions everytime you don’t feel confortable with something. It’s better to ask and understand than shut up and regret. Keep this in mind!


It is important to know about the weight restrictions, if any, associated with the cat tree that you buy. Usually a cat tree can hold up to 20 pounds but in case you have more than one cat in your house or you are considering a cat tree for large cats, you should take weight restrictions seriously. But don’t worry if your cat is larger than usual. Just ask and the seller has to answer your question and provide the best product for your cat’s needs. After all, this is his job: to provide quality. But, remember: it is you, who has to ask. Because sometimes, sellers just want to sell their products. Unfortunately, some of them don’t really care if the client is pleased. So, it’s your job to ask all the necessary questions, so that your cat will enjoy the cat tree.

Cat tree for large cats—what we recommend

There are lots of product in this market and we’ve gone through all of them to see the advantages and the disadvantages. And now, we are able to tell you which are some of the best choices you can make. We will name it below:

  1. Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo



This cat tree for large cats comes from an internationally recognized brand for 20 years, which is AeroMark. The name is popular for offering reliable quality, style and endurance at affordable prices. Those two advantages have a very big weight, when it comes to purchaces, because those represent the main two things a client should look for. The appealing material used makes this piece of furniture the center of attraction. This is a very good thing, because this way even you, the cat owner, can benefit from the purchase. You will have some new furniture, which will make the room prettier and you will also provide a good spot for your cat.

The foundation is heavy, the base is strong and it’s a breeze to put all the pieces together. So, it is one of the sturdy cat trees you should take into consideration. All the materials used in making the cat tree are pet friendly and do not harm it at all. Since the furniture is durable and sure to last for years, you can easily get the replacement parts from the manufacturer of the furniture, whenever you need them. In a nutshell, you won’t have any worries involved. Everything will be there, if you’ll ever need them.


  • Very spacious, so that your cat won’t feel akward because of its dimensions
  • Made from attractive pressed wood, which will make your cat love it
  • Great for sleeping, climbing and scratching (basically this is all your feline needs to feel good)
  • Easy to assemble( a very good thing for every cat owner who may feel like they won’t be able to assemble it)
  • Includes all necessary tools ( so, you buy it, you assemble it and that’s everything you need to do)


  • It is a little expensive. But, if you really love your cat, this shouldn’t be an obstacle.
  1. Go Pet Club 72” Tall Beige Cat Tree Furniture

Go Pet Club 72” Tall Beige Cat Tree Furniture

Go Pet Club 72” Tall Beige Cat Tree Furniture

This cat tree furniture gives you quite a lot in a single piece-3 perches, 2 condos and several scratching posts that your cat will simply love! Apart from being sturdy, strong and safe because of the compressed wood that is used to manufacture it, it is also quite comfortable with the Faux Fur covering that it has. The cat will love the soft and comfortable place to sleep. It will appreciate it a lot. The several posts have natural sisal rope that is every cat’s favorite scratching companion. The piece of furniture is also easy to assemble and comes with a comprehensive manual and the tools that you need for the process. In case you wish to move the cat tree furniture, it is also easy to disassemble the piece and reassemble it in another place. So, all the advantages of a good purchase of this type are present.

This is something everybody wishes, because there are times when we simply want to change something. To change the interior. And because this cat tree is basically a part of the room, it also has to be placed somewhere else. What would you want? A cat tree for large cats which needs several minutes to be assembled or one whose assembling requires just a few seconds? We believe the second option is the one you chose and that’s why we think this product is a best buy.



  • Can hold several cats together (this will come in handy if you are the owner of more than one cat, because you won’t have to spend money for multiple cat trees)
  • Fit for medium and large sized cats
  • Made from compressed wood (a recommended material)
  • Covered with Faux fur (qualitative for your cat’s needs)
  • Easy to assemble (good for the cat owners who don’t want to lose a whole day to assemble the product)
  • Instruction manual and tools included (in case some of the parts just don’t seems to go together at first)
  • Posts  have rope made of natural sisal
  • It’s a good deal, if we take into consideration all the things mentioned above


  • Is a little wobbly for active kittens, but if you have a large cat, it won’t represent a problem
  • Some active cats or kittens can harm themselves with the toy included, but again, if you are reading this article, we assume you own a larger cat, which doesn’t really like playing that much.
  1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 72 inches

Another Cat tree from the popular brand, Go Pet Club. This is a sturdy, spacious piece of furniture that gives plenty of room to your pet for playing, scratching and sleeping. Basically, it provided everything your pet cat needs for having a good time. It features three different perches, two condos, and two toy mice. The 10 different posts have rope from natural sisal. You will never have to worry about your expensive carpets or a couch again as there is enough room for your pets to scratch. You won’t have a hard time assembling the cat furniture because it includes user manual and tools required for assembling. It takes less than 30 minutes to assemble it completely. This is an advantake for everybody, because let’s be honest: nobody likes to spend hours assembling something.

The piece is very durable and fits for more than one cat as well. So, if you have more than one cat or you have a cat with kitties, this is ideal. But, make sure that you tighten all the screws well.  Be also careful to assemble all the pieces. You never know. The product is already going popular on shopping sites and has a number of positive reviews. That’s why it is a good time to buy it today.


  • Made from compressed wood ( this ia a good material, which is sure to last)
  • Covered in soft Faux Fur ( a very good thing, because it adds to the overall quality of the product)
  • Easy to assemble (probably one of the most useful advantages, if we can say so)
  • Includes Users’ manual and tools (so, it can be assembled by everybody with a little spare time and will)
  • Posts have natural sisal rope ( this ia also a thing to keep in mind when buying this type of product, because it adds a lot to the quality that your cat needs)
  • Has plenty of room to play and sleep (just like we want a big house, even if we won’t use all the rooms, your cat’s big will is to have a lot of space just for it)


  • There are complaints that the upper tower can snap off from the base. So, there is only one main disadvantage, but as you may have figured it out, it may not happen to you. Basically, you should keep this in mind when you want your buy your new cat tree. If, for example you see a product which is just a little more expensive than this one, it may be a good idea to buy that one. But only if the price difference is 5-10$. If you don’t find this type of product, then just buy the first one, even if its upper tower may snap off from the base. As we told you, this may be just an error, which won’t necessairly be present at all the products.

Now, that you know all the things you should normally know if you decide to buy a cat tree for your feline and you also got some suggestions about what products are good, you should not lose time. Your cat awaits its new spot, where it can sleep, play and relax.

As a conclusion, you should not be afraid to search for a cat tree for large cats, because they do exist and they are ideal if your fluffy friend has a little more weight than usual.


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