The best cat trees for large cats

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In today’s society, where everybody has to be done in just seconds, there is something dangerous. Something which makes us all prisoners: stress. Yes, you know it, I know it, we all know it. And one of the worst effect of stress is weight gaining. It happens to us, human beings,  but it also happens to our pets. If you have a cat, for example, and you want to get it a new cat tree, things can be a little more difficult if it is a large cat. But, don’t worry. In today’s article we will list the best cat trees for large cats, so that you won’t have to spend lots of hours finding them. Those being said, let’s get started!

By the way, if you feel clumsy and you don’t know which is the best choice for your fluffy friend, we have a solution. We advise you to read the Cat Tree for Large Cats Buying Guide. And after that, come back here to see the best choices.

The best cat trees for large cats

Ok, we assume that by now you have already read the article posted above. So, we will get right into the core of the problem. When we want to buy a cat tree for large cats, the first thing we should take into consideration is the size. We can’t simply buy any cat tree which comes into our sight. We did some research and we found the best cat trees for large cats.

1.Go Pet Club 72″ Tall Beige Cat Tree Furniture

  1. Go Pet Club 72" Tall Beige Cat Tree Furniture

    Go Pet Club 72″ Tall Beige Cat Tree Furniture

    Well, this is something. This Go Pet Club Tall Beige Cat Tree looks menancing. It looks like a real kingdom for your king or queen. It is made of compressed wood, faux fur and sisal rope, so it is sure to last. A good thing about it is that you will get all the necessary tools to assemble it. And if you believe you won’t know how to get it up and “running”, keep calm. They also provide the instructions, so it will be a piece of cake.

2.Go Pet Club Cat Condo, 67-Inch, Brown

Go Pet Club Cat Condo, 67-Inch, Brown

Go Pet Club Cat Condo, 67-Inch, Brown

Looking at this, I really want to become a cat. It looks so comfy! We believe your pet cat will not only like this, but it will simply love it. The board material is wood, while the covering material is faux fur. The posts are covered by natural sisal rope. all in all, this yells “Deluxe”. It looks like a deluxe piece of furniture. Your cat will be able to get some relaxing time with it. Does it want to play? The playing platform is there for this. It looks good. If you believe this is the ideal cat tree to buy, then click on the button below to see the latest price.

Have you found the next piece of furniture for your feline among the cat trees for large cats listed above? If your answer is negative, then don’t worry. We have other options for you to choose from. Without other stuff, let’s continue.

3. FurHaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree

FurHaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree

FurHaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree

If you have more than one cat and each of them wants to have its own privacy, then this FurHaven Touch Cat Tree is the best choice. Why? Because it has two private cat places. You know, for those times when the cat simply wants to be alone and purr in peace. But when it is happy and wants to play, it won’t have to go somewhere else. At the top, it will find a playing platform, only good for it to use to enjot itself. This playing platform is also good for your pet cat to increase its instincts, so it’s two for one.

The good news is that this top platform is not the only one with a toy. So, if the feline gets bored by the toy from the top, it can always try the others. In total, the FurHaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree provides three toys: spring ball wand toy, hanging ball, and hanging mouse toy. There are posts covered with sisal rope for scratching and scratch training, which are ideal if you want an active cat.

4. SONGMICS Cat Tree

luxury cat tree

luxury cat tree

This one is really, really special. But the price is accordingly. But, after all…if you really care about your cat, you want all the best, right? So, some extra dollars will not be a problem, right? If your answer is positive, then good. If not, then we tell you this in a straight way: this cat tree for large cats is not for you. The price is a little bit high…Are you ready to find out which is the price? Drums, please. So, the price for thia amazing cat tree is…131$. Yup, it may seem like a little fortune, but in reality, it is not the case.

Why is that? Well, let’s think for a second. If you buy a cheap piece of furniture for your pet, you will think that youi nailed it. You bought something necessary without spending too much money. Good point. But, guess what? That cat tree will not last long…So, yes, you paid less, but the thing is that you will pay more on the long term if you continue to buy cheap things. So, stay and think about this.

All in all, this product is nothing but a luxury cat tree, which will make your cat feel like it is the boss. And if it is happy, you will be happy too. And isn’t this all you want, guys? To live a happy life for you and your cat?

5. Paws & Pals 76″x20″x96″ Cat Tree

good cat tree

good cat tree

We wanted to end this list of cat trees for large cats in a big way, so this is the reason why this last product will also be a high end cat tree. With a price above 100$, ity sure is a little bit expensive. But it is worth the price, there’s not doubt. Just look at it. It looks good. And remember that this top is for large cats. And their weight is an important factor in choosing the best furniture for them. And as you see in the picture above, this particular cat tree will be able to make your feline feel safed and confortable. There aren’t any “screamy” colors, everything being covered in a good beige to relax the eyes. There are several parts where your cat can spend its time.

It can relax and it can sleep. But when it is full of energy, it  can also play in various ways. So, it is something ike an all-in-one things. A place to relax, but also a place to play.

So, guys, this is all we had to tell you about this subject. We basically gave you 5 ideas of cat trees for large cats. You can take into consideration our advices and buy one of them, but you can also just say “F*ck it!” and order something else. It is up to you.

If you chose a cat tree from the ones above, then please tell us in the comments. We would be  honoured to know that we helped you. Until next time, see ya.

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